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Personalberatung Dr. Schulze-Bergmann


"One must attempt the impossible,
 to achieve the best possible result."

                                      Hermann Hesse


We will find the best suitable person
for your company!


Professionell Personnal Consulting

Executive Search

The success of a company depends a great deal on the quality of its employees. This is particulary true for managers and specialists.

As successful and interesting personalities are not necessarily always looking for new challanges they have to be identified systematically.

From this perspective you deserve the best possible consulting in the search for your executive and specialist personnel, as well as for their selection and integration into your company. Our consulting services are focussed in the search, selcetion and assessment of candidates regarding their specialist competencies, personalities and potential - each specified by the concrete requirement profile.

Our goal is to generate a lasting and cooperative relationship with our clients and candidates to achieve a sustainable increase improvment in value for all involved.


Fields of Consulting

Business Services

As successful and interesting personalities are not necessarily always looking for new challenges they have to be identified systematically. Therefore we offer you:

  • individual search and selection of management personnel and specialists through direct contact  
  • search supported by job advertisment if desired, also possible in combination with direct search
  • Accompanying support in salary and bonus negotiations 
  • Support in the integration of new employees 
  • Applicant coaching

Consulting Principles

basis for a long term partnership 

In order to achieve a sustainable increase in value for our clients our services are based on following principles: 

  • In the interest of all parties contracts will only be accepted if a perspective for successful completion is indicated. 
  • Employees of our clients will not be approached as candidates for other clients. 
  • We only work together with a limitied number of clients in each branch in order to avoid a potential conflict of interests.
  • Discretion, honesty and trust is the basis or our work. In return we expect this from all parties for joint success.

Branch competencies

Using a personnel consultant can only then be successful when knowledge about a company's situation is enhanced by excellent branch and people knowledge. This is why we only work in those fields where we have extensive experience:


  • Food and feed industry
  • health industry
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Service industries (certification bodies, technical inspection agencies, chemical / medical laboratories, etc.)
  • Trading company
  • technical industry and technical services