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Personnel-Consulting Food Industry

Personnel Consulting Food Industry

The entire food industry is made up of a multi-level production chain: beginning with agriculture, crops as well as livestock and continuing on to the processing and various stages of commerce finally to retail food markets. Food stuffs and supply industry are also a part of this branch. On the whole it is comprised of an entire system of value creation, which becomes more and more transparent. Due to constant quality assurance – from the farmer to the store counter – one can recognize the various closely connected stages which are submitted to ever greater requirements as a result of increasing consumer demands regarding food quality and safety. This can also be seen in requirements for management and specialists in the entire food industry.

Personaelberatung Dr. Schulze-Bergmann understands the mechanisms of the food industry with its preceding and subsequent stages due to long-term experience in this branch. We are glad to support you in the search and selection of the right person.



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