Personalberatung Hamburg

Personnel Consulting Hamburg

Personnel Consulting Hamburg

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany as well as an important commercial city, is a growing location with more than 1.7 million inhabitants. Furthermore Hamburg is also the greenest city in Germany with park areas of just under 17 % of the city’s entire acreage. There are more than two hundred thousand companies situated in the Hamburg metropolitan area: 50% can be found within the city limits with the remaining half located in the greater Hamburg area.


In addition to the main industries of IT, the media, advertising and commerce, the life-sciences branch can also look back on a long tradition in this city. Over 200 companies in the field of life-sciences generate earnings of ca. 4.5 billion Euro annually. Moreover there has been an increase in demand on health services over the last few years.

Hamburg is also one of the leading locations for medical technologies in Germany with a turnover of 3 billion Euros. The majority of the companies in the area of medical technologies are small and mid-sized companies.

Personalberatung Dr. Schulze-Bergmann, with headquarters in Hamburg, was founded in 2003 and operates throughout Germany. We consult mid-size companies to large corporations in the search and selection of managers and highly qualified specialists.



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