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Personnel Consulting Life-Science

Personnel Consulting Life Sciences

The life sciences branches are comprised of areas that are concerned with the process and structures of living things or in which living things play a role. Pharmaceutical, medical technologies, chemical and biotechnological branches are included in the life sciences.

Life science branches are traditionally deeply rooted in Germany and have been counted amongst the largest players in the field of international competition for many years. This has changed over the past few years. In order to keep up with the global competition, the demands made on management have clearly become more complex. In addition to scientific and business aspects, also legal and market oriented demands are made upon life science managers. Biotechnology as a yet young and growing branch is regarded as being a beacon of hope for the future.   

The life sciences branches have a long tradition particularly in and around Hamburg. They are regarded as a motor for economic growth, which results above all from the great strength of innovation in the companies.

As personnel consulting specialized in the life sciences we are experts beyond branch confines and support mid-size as well as large companies in the search and selection of managers and specialists.



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