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Executive Search

Executive Search

Direct Search - Direct Approach

Executive search, is also commonly known as direct search, direct approach or headhunting. This procedure stands for a specific service for placement in vacant positions and is the most effect search method of personnel consulting. The method of executive search can look back on a history which began at the turn of the 20th century. Executive search is mostly employed in the search for management personnel and for exceptional specialists or if the market is particularly dry regarding specialists.

The executive search procedure is based on a multi-step process: after a client commissions an executive search firm with the search for a candidate with a particular profile of professional and branch experience, a requirement profile is drawn up. After compiling a list of target companies, the companies are analyzed in which potential candidates are  presumed. Then these potential candidates are contacted by telephone and their suitability for the position is valuated. If they are suitable and interested a personal meeting takes place, whose result is then summarized in a confidential report. Suitable candidates are then presented to the client. The selection of candidates, who are most suitable for the position, takes place in personal meetings with the client, the candidate and the executive search company.

Most executive search companies do not advertize due to their role as a confidential partner for their clients.



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