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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

In our area of “Frequently Asked Questions” you will find a selection of questions with their answers.

Is a "headhunter" something different than personnel consulting?

A “headhunter” searches for a suitable candidate to fill vacant positions for a client. Personnel consulting goes beyond mere headhunting and offers clients additional consulting services. However in everyday lingo both words are used

What is the difference between a personnel consultant and a personnel agent?

A personnel consultant carries out an active search for the best suitable and available candidate on the market. The found candidate is then selected according to their suitability and presented to the client.

The personnel recruiter first builds up a pool of candidates and then searches within this pool for suitable candidates, which he, acting as a broker, can then offer to a company with a particular need. The personnel recruiter also works for placement vouchers from the unemployment agency.  

Could you name some of your clients?

We greatly value discretion and respectability. Therefore we do not discuss the names of our clients.


When are the job openings positions to be filled?

As a rule our job openings are to be filled as soon as possible.

Are the job openings current?

Yes. As soon as a job opening is no longer current it is removed immediately.

What is required for a complete application?

A letter with your motives for changing positions and your desired position is important for a first contact. Additionally a convincing resume including a detailed description of your responsibilities is also required. You may send your documents in a digital format as a PDF or DOC file (Word) or also per post. Both are possible and have no influence on the selection process. Electronic transfer however is easier in handling and costs less.

How large can my application file be?

There is no limit to size. However your application (including picture) should not exceed 4 MB.

Can I also use a placement voucher from the Federal Employment Agency?

No. We are not a personnel recruitment agency. We are personnel consultants who work solely on behalf of our clients. We do not search actively for new positions for applicants.

Do I make a commitment by submitting my application?

No, you are expressing your interest in a new challenge. You may retract your application at any time. You will also not incur any costs. 

What will happen to my unsolicited application?

As a matter of principle we will handle your documents with absolute discretion. We will also notify you upon the receipt of your application. Restricting notices will of course be observed. Your documents will only be passed on to companies at your discretion. References are only followed up upon by us and only following consultation with you.

We will also delete your data at your express wish.

Which information is passed on to the client?

With your permission our clients receive your resume, and if applicable your certificates and further qualification documents. Additionally we also make our own assessment and describe why you are predestined for the corresponding vacancy.



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